We Have closed our Doors we are Very Sorry.

Looking For a Great Destination
Online or for a Drive?
Bring your appetite!

Our Fine little restaurant offers you the customer a very Unique Family dinning Experience featuring 6 (yes we are very busy!) homemade breads, (served with all our meals and available for sale made fresh daily!) soups, rolls, The biggest cinnamon rolls around! Also we offer with each season, our food is loaded with local vegetables, fruit and Meats. Our restaurant offers a True Home Cooked Meal for which you do not find anymore in this country.

We also make all of our own Pies, Cakes and our specialty "Mile High Mud Pie" this is a 10 inch ice cream dream that two people will want to share (photos coming soon!)! Pancakes the size of tires served with or with out blueberries for which you will have a blueberry in every bite! Oh yes and we cannot  forget our Be-dazzeled Waffle this is more for the sweet appetite, served to you with fresh berries, Ice Cream and Whipping cream to top, talk about Yummy makes me hungry just typing about it!

We do special orders on all of our homemade Breads, Pies, Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls, also if we do not have or make it and you want it let us know we will make it for you.

Also if you are that big eater you may want to try our "Hey Elvis are you Hungry?" This tempting meal features 3 of our Pancakes, 6 bacon, 6 LInks, 3 Eggs Hashbrowns and your drink. There is a time limit so you must be a speedy eater and if you consume all this lovely food your food today is on us and you will get a certificate, a picture on our wall and a coupon for the next visit.

We guarantee that you wont go away hungry from this restaurant!

 We are located approximately 38 miles north of Spokane and 30 miles south of Colville on highway 231, if your driving or thinking about a drive this is the destination! Truly beautiful country we live in, And we are not taken over by traffic lights, big buildings and all the people and we are truly a breath of fresh air, "really".

 In our area we are surrounded by lakes, mountains and even a ski resort we are worth your time and drive to come and try us out and check out our beautiful countryside you will not be disappointed. "if you really are then by gosh coffees on me!"

New to us also please welcome our newest part of our community (sponsored of course by me) the Cafe Caterer for which we will Cater all your Parties, or any event that you may have to Organize. We have complete menus for any occasion and our prices can not be beat.  Our specialist can help you plan your event and also do all the decorating so have a look at our catering page (soon to come for ideas and a way to contact us!) We will cater the Stevens County Area Ie, Colville, Kettle Falls and surrounding areas, also we are planning on expanding to Spokane area. Watch for details.

I look forward to many many blissful hours in my kitchen and with our people daily for this I will be blogging and letting you the reader read more and hope that I may write about something that you may not know!
With our website I plan to give your fun facts about food, Cooking,  Cooking Tips, Baking Tips and Lots of Recipes and maybe a comment or two about our day,

We will be adding frequently, So come back often and feel free to try our ideas and let us know what you think when you are done.

We strive on being the best at what we do and always welcome criticism. So please look around and take your time to read the little stuff!