Post Title. 06/21/2010
So new part of my blog boy alot has been going on latley, life has been getting busy busy business is picking up! Horrayy for summer LOL all we have is rain! LIfe has been busy We have newly formed a chamber of commerce in the greater loon lake area which will include areas of clayton, Deer Lake, Four Corners, Loon Lake, Waiits Lake, Valley, and Jump off Joe I am the newly elected Vice president. Our goal is to increase the tourism and help the business we have in the area!  I am also on a committee to introduce all the attractions, history and great customer service in the tri county area our book will publish this summer it is very exciting for our area. Lets see also we start filming the movie I am going to be in ah in about a month I am sooo excited I will keep all updated. So everyone hope for the sun and be happy will write again soon!


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