So haven't wrote in the blog for a day for so, so heres the scoop of whats been happening in our side of the world not alot but work.
I have since the last post joined and helped out to create a workshop in stevens county for tourism - for I am very interested in making sure that people know what we have to offer in our side of the state. For which we have so much and for most they have no idea of what is here and I would like to help show people for we have such a beautiful countryside with so much to offer.
We have been getting busier with the cafe doing more business each week for which I am very grateful for ALL my customers! Near and far.
This week we will be getting ready for st pattys day dinner specials with our delicious homemade corned beef and cabbage and Irish stew for a couple of our specials this weekend on the 13th.  So if you are up this way be sure to stop by our quite little town and enjoy some good homecooked food.


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